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High Touch High Tech is...Science Made FUN!


In school science enrichment field trips for Pre-School, PreK and Grade K
Safe • FUN! • Hands on • participatory

Nurture budding young minds with our amazing STEM programs magnificently designed for the preschool age child.

Taught by degreed teachers/scientists
All equipment and materials provided
Take home experiments for each child
We come to your early learning center or preschool each week or every month or as scheduled.
Ask about our weekly programs!

Programs are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and the Massachusetts Science Curriculum Frameworks for PreK - Grade 2

"We love the way in which the Scientist is able to use hands-on learning activities and experiences to teach advanced science concepts and vocabulary in an age appropriate manner to our PreK students."
Little Corner School House, Brookline, MA

"Fantastic Program! We loved it!"
Puckihuddle Preschool, Manchaug, MA


52 Week PreK and PreSchool Science Curriculum 2017-2018

Science Programs for Kids


Encourage science discovery in children around the world!


$7.25 per student for a 45 minute presentation, $8.25 per student for a 60 minute presentation, subject to a minimum of $335.00 per program day.
To maintain the hands-on nature of each program, participation is limited to 20 children per program.
A travel fee of $35.00 per scientist per day will apply.
Reservations are required and must be accompanied by a $50 non-refundable deposit to confirm your booking.

We recommend:
30-45 minute programs for children ages 3-4
60 minute programs for PreK and Grade K age children

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Call 508.384.5020 today, email or simply complete our online reservation form to book your High Touch High Tech hands on preschool science field trip today!

We look forward to visiting your Early Learning Center or preschool soon!

This week in preschool:
Time for a nature walk and check out the foliage and colorful berries on the plants. We used our senses to hear, smell, touch and see the wonders of nature, ask questions and to solve the mysteries of why things happen in nature. The kids loved this one and came away with piqued curiosity and lots of new vocabulary.

Science Programs for Kids


Investigate how fun and interesting science can be through hands-on learning!

Pre-School, PreK and Grade K programs:

Balance, Motion & Newton ©
Understand why things balance, how things move and all the forces that impact motion. Have FUN while you learn how to trick gravity and make objects balance or fall down!

Chemfun ©
Find out how much fun chemistry can be! Explore chromatography as you watch colors separate. Make a chemical reaction between a solid and a liquid to produce a gas and more!

Down Deep ©
Discover our oceans and what creatures live down deep. Explore echolocation and whale song. Make your own jellyfish and find out how deep sea marine creatures survive.

ExSEEDingly Cool©
Discover the amazing world of plants. Have fun as we check out all types of amazing seeds. Find out what seeds need, and take some home to grow.

Get Buggy©
Discover the incredible world of bugs and the many ways in which they help our world. See through the eyes of bugs, make your very own spider's web and play the pheromone game.

Globs, Goo and Guts©
Journey through our body’s digestive system. Have FUN while you “digest” a cracker and make a “deposit”!

Homemade Fun©
Explore the world of built and natural shelters and the many different homew and shelters used and built by birds, insects and animals. Make your own spider's web and bird's nest to take home.

Jurassic Jr©
Step back in time to the age of dinosaurs. Become a paleontologist as we examine and dig for real fossils and dinosaur bones. Make your very own fossil to keep!

Let’s Make Sense©
Have FUN as we make sense out of our senses. Explore our five senses, one sense at a time and discover how much we rely on them!

Let The Sun Shine In©
Learn all about the sun. Discover light and energy from the sun. Make shadows move and create day and night. Find out how to protect ourselves from light we cannot see.

Reason for the Season©
Discover the four seasons as we make the earth move around the sun! Have FUN as we make your own leaf rub, snowflake and more!

Sea Ya’ Later©
Explore our amazing underwater world. Learn about plankton, and why almost all ocean life depends on them. Get the beef on coral reefs! Discover how marine mammals stay warm. Make your very own reef to keep!

Sounds Like Fun©
Catch the vibes...and learn the amazing facts about sound. Make salt dance on an eardrum. Learn about wave motion and echolocation. Make your own sound machine!

Somethin’s Fishy©
Enter the ocean and learn about fish scales and schools of fish. Find out how fish breathe. Go fishing! Optional: Would you like to hold a real fish?

Survive and Thrive©
From stinky skunks to flying frogs, your students journey through the amazing ways animals survive on earth. Make your very own creature that must survive.

The Body Shop©
Step into the world of the pediatrician’s office. Take your weight, height, and temperature. Take a deep breath as we listen to our heartbeat with real stethoscopes. Discover your reflexes. Explore the world of vaccines as we work with syringes and much more!

The Unique Me©
Learn about what makes you special. Find out why you look different than other people, what you inherited and what your special traits are. You will even get to be “fingerprinted”.

Weather or Not©
Learn about weather as we touch a cloud and feel the buzz created by lightning. Discover the amazing properties of air and air pressure. Create a tornado!

What's the Matter
Find out what really matters. Have FUN as we explore phase changes and the properties of solids, liquids and gases. Watch air take up space and make solids turn into gases!

PreSchool Program Scheduling Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Science Programs for Kids


Involve students by becoming REAL scientists performing REAL experiments!

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